Four Employee Involvement Methods for Making Strong Community

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April 15, 2014 by Darko

“We believe that employees who are respected, encouraged by the skills and technology for their work, and are rewarded for their achievements, will deliver the best possible service for our customers. When you give people the opportunity to discover their passion for perfection, they will bring the same passion to customers, and that is our ultimate goal – to have the happiest customers in the business! ” John Harris, CIO Corporation

Have you ever wished your employees to share the same passion for the business like yourself? If you could just explain how enthusiastic you access to the things you do… Among the most desirable things for any manager is the ability to make their employees feel the company they work for as their own. Unfortunately, very few entrepreneurs know and apply this meaning entirely. A survey of the best jobs around the world reveals that only 94% of employees in these companies are willing to contribute further to the growth of their company, and 93% believe they can rely on each of their colleagues or bosses. Isn’t this the ideal position? How to grow employee involvement Today, more companies are bringing steps that improve the interaction between management and employees and include their employees in the direct management of the company. Here is what your company can do to raise the so-called “Property spirit” among employees:

Introduce to employees “the big picture”

Simply clarify them how to conduct business according to business goals. Business is logic, and although the staff may not have much in common with business strategies, surely you will understand how you want the company to look in future, and how you want customers to see your and their company. Clarify their short-and long-term goals, and ask their opinion. This will give them the knowledge that with them, you want to achieve those goals, and surely, you can learn more about how they perceive the company. Today and in the future.

Reward employees who make more than prescribed

Employee Rewarding Many managers do not consider this factor even under normal conditions. “Rewarding” not necessarily mean money, promotion, or bonus. Often finances have subordinate role. Show you appreciate them with public praising, even outside the company – in front of your customers and partners. Proclaim them for “employee of the month,” assign them an official certificate for contributions, go on lunch, or give them extra vacation days. Make them feel important and beautiful and believe me, soon everyone will want to feel that way.

Take transparent decisions

Look for including your employees into business decisions that you carry, but affect their operations. Gather on meeting or after working hours, and suggest a topic, concept, or option. Listen to their opinions and discuss. Explain what the benefits and risks are of possible options and ask them to be actively involved. The practice shows that even the most skeptical employees readily accept new ideas or changes in the company if were previously involved in the discussion.

Involve them in setting priorities

Develop a list of priorities in the work, which is in direct correlation with their obligations, and send your employees for ranking. It is you to individually subordinate and analyze their priorities by importance in the workplace, and then to deliver results. Thus, it is easy to find out all that is important for stuff in the work, and what are the key priorities related to your company.


It is well known that companies that offer jobs opportunities with greater employee involvement in the daily operations of the company are more productive. They generate new ideas faster, easily adapt to changes, develop a special connection on culture, and manage to work successfully. And of course, let us not forget, their owners are more than proud on it.


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