5 Free Online Collaboration Tools for any Business

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May 14, 2014 by Darko

I’m a part of a company where communication and collaboration between employees is at very high level. Beside we do our job well, me and my colleagues are tech lovers, and technology is helping us achieve our goals directly or indirectly.

In this post, I would like to share a few online tools that can now be used to encourage teamwork communication between team members, without the need for appointments for that reason.
Most of you know the tools listed below. However, I want to publish this post, and share my top tools for future generations to learn the basis of team communications at the beginning of 21 century. In today’s business, these tools can save time and money, and will increase effectiveness for sure. Remember, these days, communication and cooperation within the team and with customers is an important factor for success.


I did not see the benefits of using Dropbox until I started to use this free service that lets you bring your photos, docs, and videos anywhere, and share them easily.
Dropbox is a solid tool for business, giving you safe storage of different documents. Once you sign up for Dropbox, it let you choose your plan given like on the image below.
Dropbox - online collaboration tool
The free version is limited to 2 GB space. What I liked the most is that you can even place MS Access database and use for online application. Dropbox can really make your life easier.


Skype for business needs

So simple, but so useful. Skype is a tool that really changed the telecommunications world. With voice and video calls and chat system, transfer files and Skype conference calls has become a tool that must be possessed and used by team workers. The large number of free services can reduce business costs. It is simple to use.

Google Groups

Google groups for team collaboration

Google Groups as the name says is a product of Google, which can be very creatively used for business purposes. It can be used to work on various projects where more people will share ideas, comments, and suggestions. It can be used to inform employees or group of customers for various business news. Definitely recommended service for collaboration.


The new service which takes its name from one of the most popular services of Google – Google+ Hangout, will replace Google Talk, Google+ Messenger and “original” Google+ Hangout, and soon all other communications services company. Although Hangout is primarily a messaging service, it includes group video calls, keeps all data online, and comes completely free.

Hangouts is a super alternative to Skype, integrated well into Google Cloud, and works the same everywhere – computers, Android and iOS devices. You can get the whole gang together no matter what device they are running.

Google Drive

Google Drive completely replaced Google docs, and all documents were automatically transferred once the system was launched. I love Google Drive because I can synchronize, share, modify, or create data between multiple computers and / or users. Besides desktop, we can use Drive on tablets and smart phones.

Google Drive

So far, the communication level is high at the place I am working, and we use above listed online collaboration tools. Some more, some less.

Add your comment if you have some cool service or tool to share with us!


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