10 Best Interior Design Companies To Work For

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June 18, 2014 by Darko

Workspaces undoubtedly affect employee productivity. This is well known for technology companies, which do not forget to allocate a good portion from their budgets for landscaping the interior of their companies.

The color, futuristic highlights, and unique design elements are what prevails in the interior of most tech companies. Apart from giants Google and Facebook, these technological companies can be proud to have the best looking offices.

1. LivingSocial (Washington, US)

Livingsocial office decor
The interior of LivingSocial is a reflection of the city – on walls, bricks are left to be seen. There are posters of maps of the city and interesting murals like this one pictured. The place for bicycles is set inside, in order to bring external elements in the interior.
2. Etsy (New York, US)

Etsy office interior
If an office is a reflection of the personality of the company, it is definitely the Brooklyn offices of Etsy: crowded space, handcrafted decorative items, woven tapestries and cardboard sculptures.
Interesting elements are payphones with the size of a closet, for making private phone calls, whose interior is almost entirely made of soft and plush decorations and toys.

Etsy telephone box
3. Skype (Palo Alto, US)

Skype Office
Skype offices show the sense of humor of managers and employees – red phones that are on the wall in the gaming room are not functional. The phones have been here because the previous owner of the space left them here.
4. Dropbox (San Francisco, US)

Dropbox office interior design
Dropbox offices in San Francisco are modern and simple without looking sterile. Colorful furniture and palm trees are a great decoration of industrial space.
5. Airbnb (San Francisco, US)

"Building in building" effect in Airbnb office
Inspirations for the arrangement of these offices were travels and nature. Especially interesting part is the effect of “building in a building,” reached with the internal wall decorated with greenery.
6. AOL Head Quarters (Palo Alto, US)

AOL office in California
Conceived as an open industrial space with offices with glass walls, this company has a great space for recreation in the offices, which keeps employees united in constant interaction.
7. Evernote (Redwood City, US)

Evernote office
The company’s headquarters looks modern, with wooden elements and high white walls, one of which is placed a huge blackboard for writing with chalk. Here is written the motto of the company; “Remember Everything”.
8. GitHub (San Francisco, US)

Github office interior
GitHub is a start-up software company that has an open industrial space, wooden planks and exposed bricks.
Their meeting room is thematic – Nearly flawless copy of the Oval Office, the office of the U.S. President in the White House.

Github meeting room similar as president's one
9. Path (San Francisco, US)

Office design at Path
Offices design at this company perfectly brings nature to the desktop – with massive wood furniture, natural light and accents of plants.
10. Moo (London, UK)

Moo office London
The headquarters of the manufacturer of online business cards is colourful and playful as their cards. Offices are characterized with an open white space accented with furniture and details in color.

So what do you think about these offices? Is your workplace creatively designed? Share your pictures and thoughts!


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