Top 5 Employee Benefits Providers in the UK


August 22, 2014 by Darko

If you’re involved in HR and work for UK based company, then you’re probably familiar with the benefits and companies, which provide them, and already know who is who in this competitive industry.
But if you’re new to this “game”, and already started to think about which benefits best suits your business, then this article is for you. I give insights on the top 5 employee benefits providers in the UK, and there is no reason why would you go for another list because this is definitive.

List of top 5 UK employee benefits providers:

1. Reward Gateway

Reward Gateway employee benefits company

I can freely say that Reward Gateway is the leading employee benefits provider in the UK, servicing around 1000 clients, and still growing. Reward Gateway is founded in 2006 in London, and today serves two more markets: US and Australia.

Reward Gateway provides the following employee benefits: employee discounts, Childcare vouchers, cycle to work, holiday trading, reward and recognition, healthcare cashplans, gym discounts etc. Everything is administered through once central hub, so that people can access their benefits 24/7, from any place.
People at Reward Gateway believe that happier, engaged employees make better decisions, work harder for their customers, and innovate more for their organization.

Official WebsiteReward Gateway Employee Benefits

2. Edenred


Edrened is another benefits provider, having the main focus put on Childcare and Incentive Vouchers. They are the first one in the UK to create childcare voucher scheme back in 1989. Cashback at Edenred is outsourced to Submission Technologies, so basically ST hold employee data, negotiate the deals and they hold the Cashback.

They claim to provide quality service in the UK, delivering increased participation, higher engagement and maximum return on investment. Edenred is working with a wide range of public and private organizations including governments, local authorities and NHS trusts.

Official WebsiteEdenred

3. Next Jump

Next Jump

Next Jump have been in the UK since 2006, and are the most obvious retail-funded provider on the island. Their employee engagement strategy is oriented only online, so the downside of this provider is that they are unable to communicate with offline companies. Next Jump also outsources their offer to Grass Roots Group ProjectLink.
There is no Cashback like at Reward Gateway or Edenred, however they use WOWPoints, which as flexible as cash, never expire and 100 WOWPoints are equal to £1

Official Website: Next Jump

4. P&MM


Milton Keynes based provider P&MM is mainly focused on R&R (reward and recognition) and employee motivation. P&MM own in-house Voucher Shop & are strong in holiday discounts reflecting their travel heritage. What they struggle with is the ease to provide quality management information, which at the end of the day is how HR’s and directors measure employee engagement within their company.

The cashback at P&MM is outsourced too, and their product is based on discounts, CCV, CTW, eye care vouchers, and cash plan.

Official Website: P&MM

5. You at Work

You at Work benefits

You at Work is London based benefits provider, and is one of the oldest in the market, satisfying employees since 1998. They are driven by the fact that satisfied employees are likely to be more engaged, more productive, and more loyal – and as a result cost companies less to run their businesses.

All their benefits provided to clients are centered and administered via their cloud platform. Employees can access the platform at any place, at any part of the day. Their employee benefits package contains employee discounts, Cash plans, eye care vouchers, TRS, and rewards and recognition. Although they run in-house cashback, cannot match the speed of above listed employee benefits providers because of their buying power.

Official Website: You at Work


One thought on “Top 5 Employee Benefits Providers in the UK

  1. Sarah says:

    Edenred, like Reward Gateway provides a whole host of benefits not just Childcare Vouchers and Incentive and Rewards. They provide an Employee Savings website where they’ve negotiated all the discount levels – cashback is just one small part of this. They also provide a flexible benefits website with in house Childcare Vouchers, Eyecare Vouchers, Luncheon Vouchers, holiday trading, reward and recognition and more.

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