Work Less and Make More. 3 Secrets of Productivity

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March 27, 2015 by Darko

It is always expected from us to do more for less time and what often happens is that we can’t meet the deadlines because of too much work.

Studies show that working 60 hours a week can results in reduced productivity by 25%. As the number of working hours increases, the quality of labor and productivity decreases, and that’s a well-known fact.

Like it or not, fatigue slowly undermines our performance and reasoning.

First and foremost, do not accept more than you can finish. No matter how obvious and easy something may seem, yet it is the hardest to do.

Be realistic; accept as many tasks as you can done with quality. After all, in 95% of scenarios, it’s the quality that matters, no quantity. Say sorry to those who expect more and tell them the reasons for your decision.

How to prioritize tasks

Negotiate for normal work

If this doesn’t work for you, negotiate with the managers. Openly discuss and explain that it is impossible the whole thing ended in such a short time. Remind them that you are already engaged in specific tasks and you want to finish with quality.

Prioritize Your Task List

Everybody has a lot of work and no one cares how much work you’ve done, if the key projects are not completed on time. Divide your list on urgent tasks and tasks that can wait until you’re done with the former.

For those tasks that are mildly important, and so there are more, will not be tragic if not completed as soon as possible. Other tasks that are urgent can be resolved according priority, starting for “you’re fired today if not complete” right up to “someone will be unhappy if the work is not done.”

For example the other day we have job interview with ten candidates, and when we ask them “how do you prioritize tasks,” 9/10 of them answered “First the most difficult task, then the rest.”


One thing after another. Make it a point to put your full concentration on one task. It will be completed with quality and as quickly as it can.

With multitasking, we are fooling ourselves that more work could be done, but the truth is that we’re just busier.

In the moments when the concentration serves you, do not let nobody and nothing stop you (except emergency situations).


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