Top Challenges for HR Managers in 2015

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April 1, 2015 by Darko

On the crisis that looms about the recruitment and retention of employees, testifies Deloitte’s global research. It was conducted among more than 3300 HR managers or executives in 106 countries in the world.

Data show that the lack of commitment by the staff is a major problem for 87% of HR managers and business leaders (an increase of 79% since last year).

With the increasing demand of employees, the balance of power in the business abruptly moved from employers to employees, said Josh Bersin, CEO and founder of Bersin by Deloitte.

Bersin by Deloitte employees research 2015

In addition, employees are becoming more mobile, unpredictable and independent and as a result, are more difficult to manage and engage. In this new world of work, organizations need to create a new way of managing people and come up with new non-standard ideas to be replicated to date, says Bersin.

Recognizing the fact that the lack of skills can hinder business growth, 85% of respondents cited training and development as one of the main issues this year.

In addition to changing expectations on the part of employees to their employers, the skills needed in the workplace is changing rapidly since any earlier, says Brett Walsh, head of global practice of human resources at Deloitte.

Companies are faced with difficulties and to reduce stress in the workplace, after simplify business processes and reduce their complexity. Over two thirds of respondents believe that their employees are “overwhelmed” by modern working conditions and 74% of them consider the complexities and intricacies of working conditions for a significant problem. While more than half of surveyed organizations have a program to simplify processes, and 25% have no plans to introduce such a program.

Another trend that is changing the way of work is cognitive computing, the study says. Increased cognitive power of computers and software is a challenge for HR professionals and organizations to rethink the way of working and current skills of employees, which are needed for success.

Research shows that will be necessary for several years for a business to accept and develop analytical technology talent.


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