The Head of HR at Google Reveal the Secrets of Running Ultra Successful Company

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June 30, 2015 by Darko

Laszlo Bock Head of HR at Google about Google's success Since Laszlo Bock joined Google as senior vice president of Human Resources Department in 2006, the company has become even more powerful, and the number of employees significantly increased from 6,000 to 60,000, writes Business Insider. According him, here are the secrets of Google’s success:

1. The work should have significance

Your company may not be in constant growth if employees only work for pay or if the sole purpose of the company is to become the market leader. Work must be associated with a higher purpose.

2. Trust in your team

Employees at Google As a manager you need to help employees to follow their progress and evaluate their performance. But everything should be in moderate doses. You should never obsessively control everything to the level you undertake their work.

3. Hire people who are better than you

Find someone who can complete a particular job better than you. Bad choice of employees will not only have consequences on their work, but will adversely affect the performance of the rest of the team.

4. Pay attention to the best and worst employees

Check out what is it that makes your best employees to surpass themselves in performance and give them a task to bring their skills to the rest of the team. Also, observe the worst and find out the reason for this particular problem. Whether it is a discrepancy of their talent to the position or just don’t fit in the company and take a logical step. Don’t miss to read: Top Challenges for HR Managers in 2015

5. Be generously selective

Make a selection on what you will spend the money. For example, if you have skilled and talented employees, they can be tutors to others rather than pay expensive training. Costs are much more necessary for good health, pension insurance and other employee benefits.

6. Changes should be simple and transparent

When you want to change something related to the work of employees, let it be transparent to all. On this way you will get supporters from critics and there will be no doubt where and who make a mistake, simply everything will be visible.

7. Be creative and fun

Fun in Google's offices There is no perfect team, perfect corporate culture and therefore are needed frequent updates, experimentation and innovation. But that does not mean you can’t have fun in the process. It’s a well-know fact that happy and engaged employees are more productive and deliver to the bottom.


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